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Mi primer cambio de aceite

My son Gavin has been very helpful in the garage and interested in the workings of our cars and motorcycles. He has also taken a keen interest in the restoration of my ’67 Nova over the last five years. Now that he is ten, we agreed that it is time to teach him about the importance of regular maintenance on our engines. We started with the basics; an oil change and air filter replacement .

Permatex Products

I was doing some basic maintenance and fix-it stuff on my ’69 Camaro and found some newer versions of some Permatex favorites I thought I would try. Using Permatex products – I have trusted their brand for a long time and wanted to give their latest versions a thorough try. I started out with a spark plug swap. I used the Permatex Anti-Seize Stick on the threads since I have aluminum heads. This was .